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This is a story of Dayak people in respecting their mother of nature and earth. About the people who believe that ancestral blessing is a primary reason for a rich land. A dance offering to the earth and ritual requests to the Almighty God, so that their agricultural products are given abundant results. This is a way for them to give thanks. This tradition is known as Hudoq.

Hudoq is a manifestation of the spirit/god of Hunyang Tenangan, the rice-keeping god sent by the Lord of Apo Lagaan (Heaven) named Ine Aya'. The arrival of the god spirits to the earth is to answer the prayers of men who are doing Menugal, a process of notification to the ancestors and gods that the Dayak tribe will start to plant rice, corn and sugar cane in their fields. To expect blessings from gods, it is not enough just by Menugal, the Mahakam Ulu Dayak will prepare a Hudoq dance which is a hereditary inheritance in their families.

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